TANDEM.MINT-TANDEM LANGUAGE LEARNING for students of Natural Sciences & Engineering

In Tandem Language Learning, you practice a foreign language, e.g. German, in direct exchange with a native speaker – in return, you support your tandem partner in learning your native language. In contrast to a language course, it is up to you, which skills you would like to improve specifically, what you want to focus on and which methods and resources you would like to use. As a consequence, your learning process depends on your personal aims and capabilities.

By direct interaction with a native speaker, you learn the foreign language with a hands-on approach, in a social context, and focussed on authentic communication. This way, you may gradually overcome inhibitions to use the language in everyday life, and especially in the academic or working environment. Besides advancing your language skills, you will get to know fellow students of similar fields of study and improve your intercultural competence.

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TANDEM.MINT-TANDEM LANGUAGE LEARNING for students of Natural Sciences & Engineering 


Place will be announced during the event


WS 19/20 :  until 15.September

Contact: Natascha Strenger: strenger@fvt.rub.de




Tandem.MINT is a cooperation of the projects inSTUDIESplus and ELLI2 with the University Language Centre (ZFA) and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The programme starts in summer semester 2018 as a pilot-project.


Dr. Natascha Strenger
E-Mail: strenger@fvt.rub.de

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