Ways into University

You are interested in work as an engineer? Nowadays about 43% of a year's age study, but whether a study is the right way, many do not really know. This is also confirmed by the high dropout rates. At the RUB, education and studies go hand in hand, as engineers in craft business and engineering science work together on industrial projects. With our internship we would like to show you both ways.

You`re coming out of the job and you could imagine to study but you have no admission? Since 2009 it is possible to study at NRW`s universities without admission. Although it ist not always easy. We would like to show you what possibilities you have and what you might awaits you in engineering sciences.

ELLI would like to offer orientation so that you can decide by your own which way is right for you.


M.A. Katharina Zilles
E-Mail: zilles@fvt.rub.de

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